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You must be affiliated with an EMS district serving Dane County in order to use this video library. Training Officers may borrow videotapes free of charge for the purpose of training members of their districts. Individuals may rent videotapes at a cost of $5.00 per tape, to cover administrative costs, shipping and handling.

Videotapes must be returned to Dane County EMS within 10 business days. Beyond that, you will be charged a late fee of $5.00 per day. If you are unable to return a videotape, you will be charged for the replacement cost of that tape. Replacement costs average $125.00 to $200.00.

Please email us or call (608)266-4387 us to see if the video you are looking for is available to rent.

If you are looking for a videotape that is not listed here, email us for an electronic listing of all holdings or call (608)266-4387.

Continuing education hours are available for most video topics on an hour-for-hour basis. See the following list for receiving continuing education credit, checking out videos, and video payment and return information:


24-7 EMS: The Bariatric Patient: Care & Transport / Crush Injury: Industrial Accident / Managing Multiple Patients: EMS Operations
24/7 EMS: Eye Inuries, Risk Management: Refusals & Abandonment, Airway Adjuncts & Patient Outcome (1st Qtr 2009)
24/7 EMS: Infection Control: MRSA. Rehab Sector: The Role of EMS.... Heart Failure. (3rd Qtr - 2008)
24/7 EMS: Pediatric Trauma.... Seizures.... Extrication & Patient Packaging... (2nd Qtr - 2008)
24/7 EMS: Anaphylaxis (10/2006) (10/24/2006)
24/7 EMS: Assessment: Medical Patient (7/24/2006) Third Quarter 2006 3.06; 3 VHS Set includes #545 & #546
24/7 EMS: Bloodborne Pathogens (2/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Burns: Thermal - 20 minutes (1/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: Chest Pain and 24/7 Extra: ALS Assist - Lead Placement (5/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Diabetic Emergenies (11/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: DMAT & Mass Gathering Medicine (7/24/2006) Third Quarter 2006 3.06; 3 VHS Set includes #544 & #546
24/7 EMS: ECC Update - CPR Guidelines 2005 and 24/7 Extra: Canine Resuscitation (7/24/2006)
Third Quarter 2006 3.06; 3 VHS Set includes #544 & #545
24/7 EMS: Emergency Driving (2/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Geriatrics and 24/7 Extra: Influenza Update - 15 minutes (1/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: HazMat: EMS Response (10/2006) (10/24/2006)
24/7 EMS: Lifting and Moving (4/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: Mechanism of Injury (4/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: Musculoskeletal Emergencies and 24/7 Extra: ALS Assist-IV (2/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Neonatal Care and Resuscitation (5/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: NIMS: An Introduction - IS-700 and 24/7 Extra: Bill Brown - Inside the Superdome (11/1/2005) Hurricane in Louisianna September 2005.
24/7 EMS: NIMS: The Role of EMS - 13 minutes (1/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: Obstetrics and Childbirth (10/2006) (10/24/2006)
24/7 EMS: Patient Refusal and 24/7 Extra: Family Care (11/1/2004)
24/7 EMS: Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (11/1/2004)
24/7 EMS: Report Writing and 24/7 Extra: Geriatrics - 20 minutes (8/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Respiratory Emergencies: Asthma and 24/7 Extra: ALS Assist: Advanced Airway (11/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Scene Safety - 15 minutes (8/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Street Drugs - 15 minutes in length (8/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Summer Emergencies (5/1/2005)
24/7 EMS: Syncope and 24/7 Extra: ECC Highlights 2006 (4/1/2006)
24/7 EMS: WMD Update 24/7 Extra: Advanced Local Emergency Response Team (11/1/2004)
24/7: Extreme Sports Injuries: Extremity Trauma, Pediatric Behavioral Emergencies: Autism (ASD), and Communicatble Disease: Childhood and Travelers (3rd Quarter 2009)
3M Animated Guide to Respiratory Protection 14 minutes (1/1/1998) Using a friendly cartoon character, this video focuses on the importance of selecting the right respirator for the many different contaminants encountered in the workplace.
3M Respirator Training, Universal Fitting Instructions 115 minutes (1/1/2000) Filtering facepiece respirators, Dual cartiridge half facepiece respirators, Full facepiece respirators, Fit testing, Hearing protection products.
Acute Ischemic Stroke (1/1/1998) From the American Heart Association 22:00 minute video
Bloodborne Pathogens Update for First Responders (4/1/2001) Bloodborne Pathogens Update for First Responders 25minutes long, by Long Island Productions
DVD - Auto Design and Extrication Forum (12/20/2005) Welcome; Restraint System Technology; Hybrid Vehicles; High-Tech Metal; Closing.
Employee Safety Orientation (2000) (9/1/2001) Orientation 2000
Fundamentals of Lung and Heart Sounds (Third Edition) -- Includes audio CD of case studies with heart and lung sounds.
Psychological Disorders (11/1/2000) Sexual Assault, Psychiatric Medications, Homelessness, Pulse/EMU News, Behavioral Emergencies.
PULSE 9/11: Two Years Later (9/1/2003) The Personal Impact; The Local Impact; The National Impact; and PULSE PLUS: Explosives
PULSE Acute Abdomen (7/1/2001) Anatomy and Physiology, Abdominal Triage, Appendicitis, Treatment of Acute Abdomen,PULSE/EMU NEWS plus, Assessment of abdomen
PULSE Airway (4/1/2000) Anatomy & Physiology. Traumatic Airway. Devices. Management Techniques. PULSE/EMU News. RSI.
PULSE Airway Management (2/1/2003) Anatomy and Physiology - Adult vs Pediatric, Airway Compromise Issues, Limitations of Diagnostic Airway Equipment and Body Substance Isolation, PULSE/EMU NEWS, & more.
PULSE Burn Injury (11/1/2003) Intro and Epidemiology; Burn Assessment; Burn Treatment; Spec. Considerations, Ped and Geriatric Pts and Transport; Pulse Plus: Chemical Burns
PULSE Burns (6/1/2000) Fireworks. Respiratory Burns. Chemical Burns. PULSE/EMU News. Burn Therapy.
PULSE Cardiac (2/1/2001) Cardiac, Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology, Atypical Chest Pain, Current Trends in Cardiac Care, Cardiac Asthma, PULSE/EMU NEWS, PLUS 12 LEAD EKG
PULSE Cardiac Emergencies (5/1/2003) Acute Coronary Syndrome Management/Cardiac Emergencies: Special considerations; Acute Coronary Syndrome: Current Issues. PULSE PLUSE! Congestive heart Failure
PULSE Cerebral Events (3/1/2001) Cerebral, Stroke, Aneurysm, Seizure, PULSE/EMU NEWS, PLUS TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY
PULSE Childbirth (4/1/2002) Normal Childbirth, Complications of Childbirth. PULSE/EMS NEWS. PULSE PLUS. THIRD TRIMESTER COMPLICATIONS
PULSE Communications (2/1/2000) Internal. Transfer of Data. Non-verbal. External. PULSE/EMU News. Cultural Diversity.
PULSE Diabetes (9/1/2002) Diabetes: Adolescent, Adult, Special Populations. PULSE/EMU NEWS. PULSE PLUS - Altered Mental Status
PULSE Disaster Medicine (7/1/2004) Mass Fatality Incidents; Citizen Corps; Lessons From Hurricane Andrew; PULSE PLUS:Disaster Resistant Communities: Ancorage, AK
PULSE Emerging Issues (11/1/2002) Emerging Issues: Needlestick Legislation, Divert Status, EMS as Extension Clinic, Retention of EMS Personnel. PULSE/EMU NEWS. PULSE PLUS Tiered EMS Response
PULSE Emerging Issues in EMS (12/1/2003) EMS Agenda for the Future; Emerging Trends in Airway Management; Vehicle and Scene Safety; Current Understandings of CPR; PULSE Plus: Quarantine
PULSE EMS Operational Environments (3/1/2004) Far From Home EMS; Tactical EMS; Special Events; PULSE-PLUS! Medical Surveillance
PULSE Environmental Emergencies (6/1/2004) Drowning; Temperature Extremes; Diving Emergencies; Altitude Sickness
PULSE Ethics in EMS (5/1/2002) Vindictive Patient Care, DNR Orders, Reportable vs. Non-reportable Patient Information PULSE/EMU NEWS EMS and Criminal Evidence
PULSE Extreme Sports (8/1/2001) Water Based Extreme Sports, Air Based Extreme Sports, Land Based Extreme Sports.PULSE/EMU NEWS plus Incident Safety Officer
PULSE Generation Gap -- EMS Treatment for the Geriatric Patient (9/1/2004)
PULSE Geriatrics (3/1/2002) Geriatrics. Abuse, Neglect and Provider Attitudes/ Medication/Orthopedic Injuries. PULSE/EMU NEWS. PULSE PLUS! DEMENTIA
PULSE Geriatrics (8/1/2000) Life Span II. Elder Abuse. Delirium and Dementia. Altered Mental Status. Illness/Injury Prevention. PULSE/EMU NEWS. Lifting and Moving.
PULSE Hazardous Materials (1/1/2003) Hazardous Materials - Awareness, Routes of Entry, Treatment of Patients. PULSE/EMU NEWS - PPE AND Rehab
PULSE Issues at the Crime Scene (3/1/2000) Preservation of the Scene. Preservation of Evidence. Legal Issues. PULSE/EMU News. SIDS vs. NAT
PULSE Legal Issues in EMS (10/1/2004) Terminology; LegalPitfalls; Anatomy of a Lawsuit; PULSE PLUS: The PCR in Court
PULSE Man vs. Heavy Metal (12/1/2002) Environment, Farm and Agricultural Accidents, Industrial Accidents. PULSE/EMU NEWS AND PULSE PLUS Man vs. Heavy Metal Field Amputations
PULSE Management at a MCI, Part 1 (12/1/2001) Introduction, Pre-Incident Planning, First 30-60 Minutes, Prolonged Response to Multi-Day Incident, Recovery/Post-Incident Period. PULSE/EMU NEWS, Common challenges during a MCI
PULSE Mass Casualty Incidents, Part 2 (1/1/2002) Critical Incident Stress. Common Problems. DMORT. PULSE/EMU NEWS. Mass Casualty Incidents and Multiple Patient Incident
PULSE Medications (9/1/2000) ALS for BLS. Pharmacodynamics. Future Medications. PULSE/EMU NEWS. Assisted Medications.
PULSE Motor Vehicle Collisions (6/1/2001) Kinematics of MVCs, Motorcycle Trauma, C-Spine Clearance, CIREN Update, Safety and Highway Operation, PULSE/EMU NEWS plus, SAFETY IN RESCUE
PULSE Natural Disaster Emergencies (4/1/2003) Mudslides, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Swiftwater Rescue
PULSE Neurological Emergencies (6/1/2003) Structure, Function and Neurologic Assessment, Chronic Neurologic Diseases, Stroke and Spinal Injuries.
PULSE Occupational-Acquired Injury and Illness (1/1/2001) Joint injuries, Ambulance Crashes, Shift Work and Sleep Disturbances, Stress-Related Injuries, Pulse/EMU News, Hepatitis C
PULSE Outdoor Emergencies (9/1/2001) Exposure, Exotic Animals, Gun Shot Wounds/Ballistics, Improvised Medicine. PULSE/EMU NEWS plus INSECT BITES AND STINGS
PULSE Patient Assessment (10/1/2002) Patient Assessment: Head and Neck; Chest and Abdomen; Back, Soft Tissues and Extremities. PULSE/ EMU NEWS. Plus - Patient Assessment Systems
PULSE Pediatric Injuries (8/1/2002) Pediatric Trauma, Pediatric Burns, Pediatric Poisoning, PULSE/EMU NEWS. PULSE PLUS - Pediatric Resuscitation
PULSE Penetrating Trauma (7/1/2003) Intro./Kinematics/Physics Basics; Mechanisms of Penetrating Trauma; Syst. Affected by Penetrating Trauma; PULSE PLUS! Pre-Hospital Assess., Trtmt and Transportation
PULSE Poison Exposure Hazards (1/1/2004) What is Toxic?; Poison Control Centers; Poison Exposures; PULSE Plus; Alcohol Poisoning
PULSE Prevention (5/1/2000) Illness/Injury Prevention for Providers. Illness/Injury Prevention for Public. Post-exposure for Infectious Disease. PULSE/EMU News. Swiftwater Rescue.
PULSE Psychiatric Emergencies (3/1/2003) Cognitive Impairments, Affective Behavior Impairments, Schizophrenia, PULSE/EMU NEWS, PULSE PLUS. Restraint and control of Violent Patients
PULSE Respiratory Emergencies (2/1/2002) Pulmonary Anatomy & Physiology/Pulmonary Embolism/Pneumonia, PULSE/EMU NEWS/ PULSE PLUS! THE CRASHING ASTHMATIC PATIENT
PULSE Responder Safety (See JTH for this video location.) (7/1/2002) Violence Against EMS Responders; Vehicle and Scene Safety; Health and Wellness; PULSE / EMU NEWS; PULSE PLUS - Responding Safely to the Incident
PULSE Response to Hazardous Materials (10/1/2000) Emergency Response, Response Practices, Patient Management, Pulse/EMU News/ EMS Response.
PULSE Retroperitoneal Emergencies (5/1/2001) Retroperitoneal Bleeds, Renal Trauma, Kidney Stones, Pheochromocytoma, PULSE/EMU NEWS and Dialysis
PULSE Shock (1/1/2000) Pathophysiology of Shock. Low Resistance Shock. Cardiogenic Shock. Hypovolemic Shock. PULSE/EMU News. Treatment Controversies.
PULSE Shock Management (5/1/2004) Introduction to Shock; Distributive Shock; Cardiogenic Shock. PULSE-PLUS: Anaphylictic Shock.
PULSE Special Operations (10/1/2001) Confined Space Rescue, Tactical EMS, Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue and PULSE/EMU NEWS, PLUS 2002 Winter Olympics Preview
PULSE The A and The B: Airway and Breathing (2/1/2004) Capnography; Airway & Pulmonary Infections; Pulmonary Diseases; PULSE Plus; Capnography.
PULSE The Critical Pediatric Patient (8/1/2004) Pediatric Arrest; Respiratory Emergencies; Pediatric Trauma; PULSE PLUS: Pediatric Airway Emergencies
PULSE The Power of Prevention (4/1/2004) Prevention, Healthcare & the EMS; What is EMS Prevention?; How to Establish a Prevention Program; Profile of an Injury Prevention Program--The National Fire Protection Association Risk Watch Program (Unintentional Injury)
PULSE Topics in EMS: Systems Overview (12/1/2000) Aeromedicine, Intercept, Interdepartmental Communication, Pulse/EMU News, plus Helicopter Safety.
PULSE Toxicology (4/1/2001) Raves (Ecstasy), GHB/Rohypnol, Huffing, Hallucinogens. PULSE PLUS METHAMPHETAMINE
PULSE Transportation Emergencies (8/1/2003) Pedestrian Incidents; Motor Vehicle Incidents; Mass Transit Incidents; PULSE PLUS: Light Rail Emergencies
PULSE Unique Patient Challenges (11/1/2001) Autistic Patients, Attention Deficit, Hyperactive Disorder, System Abusers, PULSE/EMU NEWS, PLUS Family Centered Care
PULSE Wellness (10/1/2003) A Dose of Realty; Planning Your Meals; Developing Core Strength/Flexibility; PULSE PLUS; Personal Protective Equipment
PULSE Winter Olympics 2002 (6/1/2002) Preparing for Large Events, Effects from September 11th, Venue Medical Response, PULSE / EMU NEWS, AGENCY COORDINATION
Spine Injury Management Video Pre-hospital Care of the Injured Athlete (1/1/2001) Who should provide care? Initial assessment. Tools and techniques. Safe immobilization and transport. Care for suspected catastrophic spinal injury/prevention.
Terrorism - Mobilizing Our Health Care Assets 2 Tape set. (1/1/2001) Terrorism - Mobilizing Our Health Care Assets. 2 Tape set.
The Training Network, Bloodborne Pathogens 2000 (9/1/2001) BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS 2000 19MINUTES